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How Does Opal Compare?

Opal gives you the essence of outlining, concentrating on usability rather than a laundry list of obscure features. But it still manages to include a number of useful features not found in other organizers:
  • Shrink a topic to one line — another way to hide information until needed
  • Single window shows you all your notes in context
  • Alphabetic and numeric sorting
  • Extensive, searchable offline documentation, so you can use Opal on the road
  • Magnification of your view — enlarge text for easy viewing
  • Word and character count — helps you write the right amount
  • Focus on just a portion of the document
  • Multiple selection
  • “Smart Quotes” — look professional without obscure key combinations
  • Link to other documents
  • Just create notes — no need to name them
  • Spotlight search
  • Filtering — use search field to show only relevant topics
  • Smart checkboxes automatically track completion
  • Open Acta outlines
  • Print all or part of the outline, with formatting options
  • Export to a variety of formats (text, RTF, RTFD, Word 97, Word 2007, OpenDocument, OPML)
  • Bookmarks
  • Japanese localization

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