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If you have questions about an order from our online store or need to return products you’ve purchased direct from us, the address is «at» .
Including the name of the product you’re inquiring about will help avoid our spam filters and thus get you a faster response.

If you contact A Sharp and wish to hear back from us, be sure that your e-mail system will not block incoming messages from .

You’ll need to contact Apple for issues related to the App Store.

If you’re having trouble with the Android version of King of Dragon Pass, please contact HeroCraft (email: «at» ). If there’s a problem with gameplay, contact us.

The eSellerate Support Center offers additional support from our e-commerce provider.

Lost your receipt?

Look up your Opal serial number or your order number (for reinstalling Addressix or PhotoPress) from eSellerate’s support page.

If you purchased the Japanese version of Opal from Stands Co., please contact them for support.

There is an update (to version 1.7) for the desktop version King of Dragon Pass, and an FAQ (list of frequently asked questions).

If you’re having problems running our software, the e-mail address is «at» . And check the FAQs for Jigami, Opal, Addressix, or PhotoPress.

We’re sorry, but we cannot offer support for the Classic 1.0 version of Acta. Please refer to the FAQ.

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