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An Old Favorite is Back!

The new outliner by the creator of the award-winning Acta is now available (in both English and Japanese)!

Designer David Dunham says, “Back in 1986, I released an outliner called Acta. It continues to run fine under Classic. But Intel-based Macintoshes have no Classic, and Acta fans were worried that they would be forced to stop using it. So I created a modern successor, Opal™.

“Opal retains the fluid ease of use of Acta, but is up to date with Mac OS X standards.”

Opal is ideal for capturing and organizing your notes. Download it now, or learn more.

64-Bit Compatible

We’ve created a 64-bit version of the outliner. The previous version runs fine on macOS 10.14 Mojave and older versions.

What Others Say

“Instantly responsive software, it is an absolute treat to use. … The software seems to meld away to the background and lets you concentrate on the task in hand, making outlines. It is very well-thought out software with a rich heritage which I am falling in love with. It definitely has found a place in my workflow.” — Mac OS X Guru

“Opal, just like its Acta ancestor, is small, fast, friendly, effective and reliable. I’m using it to organize and manage everything from daily tasks to projects, and it works as a simple calendar/tickler and diary. I like to keep my main organizing outline on the desktop next to the hard drive, where I can instantly pop it open, review tasks and update information.” — Ric Ford

“Opal is a full-featured, flexible and most importantly easy to use outliner. … there’s so much I write and plan, that will be facilitated by using this product.” — Harry Babad, MacCompanion

“Thank you for reviving this nifty software. … This is what I have been waiting for since I switched to OS X.” — Shigeaki Nishina

“I have refused to migrate to the Intel-based Macs, primarily because they won’t run Classic, and without Classic I can’t use Acta.” — Steve Eichel

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