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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements?

Power Macintosh
32 megabytes of RAM
Mac OS 8.6 or later; Mac OS X 10.0.4 or later
CarbonLib 1.2 or later (or Mac OS X)
QuickTime 4.0 or later

What printers does it support?

PhotoPress is designed to work with any Macintosh printer. However, printers vary, so for best results, please follow the printer-specific directions below.

Laser Printers (all models and manufacturers)

(Mac OS 8.6-9.x) If you are using a laser printer, please select the LaserWriter 8 driver from the Chooser. Preferences dialog

HP InkJet Printers

Turn Alternate Printing off from the Preferences dialog.


Try changing the value of the Alternate Printing checkbox (choose "Preferences..." from the Edit menu or PhotoPress menu). A few printer drivers require alternate printing, some don't work well with it.

You might also want to experiment with changing Background Printing settings in the Print dialog.

How do I get 4x6 prints?

If you want to make prints of a specific size, choose a Flexible Grid layout, then set the minimum and maximum size from the popup menus.

I'm trying to print lots of pages, but only the first 16 print...

Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the current version. Please split up your document. (Printing page ranges won't help.)

Where can I buy it?

Download a 30-day trial, and purchase from within the application. Choose "About PhotoPress..." and click the "Buy" button (or use the "Buy" button when the application starts up). You'll need a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover/Novus) or PayPal, and an Internet connection.

Can I use it under both OS X and OS 9?

Yes. You will need to reinstall it:
  1. Purchase PhotoPress while running OS X (or OS 8.6/9.x)
  2. Check your e-mail to receive a purchase confirmation
  3. Launch PhotoPress while running OS 8.6/9.x (or OS X)
  4. Choose "Reinstall" from the File menu
    • or click the "Buy" button, then hold down the Option key and click the "Start" button (it will change to "Reinstall")
  5. Enter your e-mail address and order number

Why can't I launch it?

The application "PhotoPress" could not be opened because "CarbonLib" could not be found.

This error message can mean you have disabled extensions by holding down the Shift key at boot time -- restart and make sure CarbonLib is activated.

I bought PhotoPress from Electric Fish...

Your Electric Fish registration will continue to work with newer versions released by A Sharp.

Do I need an Internet connection?

You don't need to be connected to the Internet to run PhotoPress. However, you must have a connection in order to register it.

Why do selected photos have handles?

The original design involved resizable images.

Does it run under Jaguar (OS X 10.2)?

Yes. (However, you will need version 1.0.4 if you don't use an administrator account.)

Does it run under Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6)?

Yes. You definitely need to install Rosetta, and probably need to install QuickTime 7.

Why is printing so slow?

This seems to have become a problem in 10.5. PhotoPress relys on QuickTime for printing, and Apple has change this since we developed the application.

I have more questions...

Please see our Contact page for the e-mail address. (Send any suggestions for improvements to this address as well.)

If you're having trouble running the program, it's helpful to include as much information as possible about your system configuration. Some useful information is in the About box.

What is PhotoPress?

Frequently Asked Questions


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