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28 July 2015. King of Dragon Pass is now available for Steam (both Windows and Mac OS X), thanks to HeroCraft.

27 October 2014. Six Ages, the spiritual successor to King of Dragon Pass, is now in development.

11 August 2014. King of Dragon Pass is now available for Android, thanks to HeroCraft.

4 September 2012. King of Dragon Pass 2.1 available as a Universal app (for iPad and iPhone).

28 August 2012. King of Dragon Pass 1.7 available as a Windows download on GOG.com.

1 September 2011. King of Dragon Pass 2.0 approved for iOS App Store.

29 July 2010. DiceBook released.

30 November 2009. Jigami released.

16 November 2009. Jigami submitted to Apple’s App Store.

18 October 2006. Opal 1.0 released. (Press Release)

6 October 2006. Opal first available for sale as release candidate.

29 June 2006. Opal released as a public beta.

30 April 2005. Acta Importer for Spotlight released for Mac OS X 10.4 (“Tiger”).

10 June 2002. A Sharp is now the publisher for PhotoPress.

13 December 2001. A Sharp released Addressix.

21 March 2000. King of Dragon Pass wins award in the Independent Games Festival. (Press Release)

22 December 1999. King of Dragon Pass is a finalist in the Independent Games Festival. (IGF announcement)

29 October 1999. King of Dragon Pass began shipping. (Press Release)

12 October 1999. We delivered the Gold Master to manufacturing, which puts us on schedule for a 29 October release.

25 August 1999. King of Dragon Pass, the first computer game set in Glorantha, will ship in October. (Press Release)

11 August 1999. The popular outline processor Acta is now available as a free download. (Press Release)

We’ve also collected news from other web sites (updated Apr 2002).

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