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For immediate release:

Seattle, WA -- 29 October 1999

A Sharp, LLC today began shipping King of Dragon Pass, a unique computer game which blends interactive fiction and resource management. The game is set in Glorantha, the world of the award-winning roleplaying game RuneQuest and the forthcoming Hero Wars game.

King of Dragon Pass adds a new dimension to strategy games with its strong story lines. According to designer David Dunham, "By playing the game, you participate in a multi-generational saga. You'll see babies grow up to be great heroes, and feuds passed down from father to son. Our testers tell us they're captivated by the stories -- they all have to keep playing to see how they turn out." Themes range from lost love to heroic sacrifice, from wedding feasts to desperate quests into the Godtime, and from con games played by Tricksters to ultimatums from inhuman enemies.

Players guide a small clan in its colonization of Dragon Pass. As their clan grows and gains magical powers, they will forge alliances with other clans and form a tribe. Their next goal is to become elected king or queen of the tribe. Finally, they must unify all the tribes into a great kingdom and become King of Dragon Pass. To be successful, players must think in terms of Glorantha's cultures, myths and magic.

Dragon Pass is at the heart of Glorantha, a world where magic pervades everyday life, and great powers reward those who emulate the myths of the gods. Dozens of books and game supplements on Glorantha have entertained 200,000 fans since 1975. The Hero Wars line of roleplaying games and books will be released by Issaries, Inc. this December to further detail Glorantha. The King of Dragon Pass design team includes Greg Stafford, creator of Glorantha, and Robin D. Laws, author of Hero Wars and over a dozen other games.

King of Dragon Pass runs on both Windows and Macintosh, and is available for $37.50 from A Sharp's web site <http://www.a-sharp.com>, or select hobby game industry retailers. More information about King of Dragon Pass, including screen shots, is at the company's web site, <http://www.a-sharp.com>.


Contact: David Dunham <david@a-sharp.com>

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