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King of Dragon Pass

King of Dragon Pass Development Team

David Dunham (Producer, Designer, Programmer)

David co-founded Pensée Corporation, which developed WebCollage, and worked for Apple on the Newton (creating Newton Press, Newton Book Maker, and the built-in book reader and outliner, as well as several information products). His Jigsaw Strategy Game was published by Apple Computer. David developed the popular Macintosh outliner, Acta (later renamed Dyno Notepad), and managed the creation of a Windows version. His roleplaying scenario "The Lost Inheritance" was included in GURPS Fantasy Adventures, and he has had numerous articles published in game and computer magazines.

Elise Bowditch (Associate Producer, Programmer)

Elise did much of the programming for Multicom's Home Depot 1-2-3 CD-ROM, and created a demo for an interactive history title. She created several Newton books via database publishing. She managed Lease Insurance's 12-person information systems group for 3 years. Prior to that, Elise was a database programmer. She is the webmistress for several small companies, and has had articles published in several magazines.

Greg Stafford (Designer)

Greg is president of Chaosium, Inc., which has produced critically-acclaimed games for over 20 years. His many game designs include Dragon Pass, Pendragon, Prince Valiant, and RuneQuest. He created the world of Glorantha, and has described it in numerous roleplaying sourcebooks, including the novel-length King of Sartar. He has formed Issaries, Inc. to further develop Glorantha.

Robin D. Laws (Writer, Designer)

Robin's first novel, Pierced Heart, based on Atlas Games' Over the Edge game, was published in 1996 to a very warm reception. Robin designed the recent hit roleplaying game Feng Shui, and the accompanying trading card game Shadowfist; and created the world underlying the two games. He contributed dialog scenes to Acclaim's best-selling CD-ROM game Magic: the Gathering Battlemage. Robin is the author of over a dozen roleplaying sourcebooks and adventures, and a contributor to many more. He has also worked as an actor, stage director, and radio movie reviewer, and wrote a play for children that received several productions.

Stefano Gaudiano (Art Director)

Stefano did the art for Broadway Comics' Shadow State, and drew for comics from DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Caliber Press, Fantagraphics, and Mirage. He worked on Kafka for Renegade Press, which was nominated for an Eisner Award. He has also done illustration for Seattle newspapers.

Mike Raabe (Artist)

Mike painted trading cards for Wizards of the Coast's Magic: The Gathering (including the Ice Age logo character) and Jyhad, and Daedalus's Shadowfist. He's also done storyboard work for Walt Disney, Universal Cartoon Studio, and Bobtown Productions. His other clients include Weyerhaeuser and Microsoft.

Stan LePard (Music)

Stan wrote and performed music for several Microsoft products, as well as television shows from PBS and others.

Brian Fogel (User Interface Artist)

For the past six years, Brian has been animating and designing for Seattle-area production companies, including Microsoft, Encore Films, Tri-FIlm Productions, Multicom, Mindsai Productions and Digital Post and Graphics.

Rob Heinsoo (QA, Additional Design)

Rob was an editor at Daedalus and at Chaosium, Inc., and game designer for several Shadowfist expansions.

Additional artists:

Gary Amaro, Kirk Bath, Simon Bray, Damon Brown, Darick Chamberlin, Mike Christian, Alessandro Gaudiano, Geoff Hassing, Steve Klopfstein, David Lasky, Jason Lutes, Mike Minney, Justin Norman, Brian Sendelbach.

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