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Frequently Asked Questions

OK, that’s not a question, but we’ve watched people play their first game and try to match all of a tile’s symbols. You don’t have to. Matching lets you capture, but is not a requirement to place a tile.

How can I rotate?
Start dragging a tile and then tap anywhere with another finger.

Alternately, tap the tile in the pool before you start dragging it.

How can I win?
Don’t forget that you can rotate! Look for chains — sometimes you’ll want to protect a vulnerable sequence of your own tiles.

How come none of my pieces are usable?
Each new piece can be placed on the board — at the time you get it. Subsequent moves may block them. When you discard, you get five playable pieces, but they too may become blocked.

Where did the idea come from?
When I (David Dunham) was working on software for the Apple Newton, we were asked to come up with a game for the device, something like Tetris. Instead, I came up with an entirely original game idea that was appropriate for a handheld unit. You can read more about the game’s history on my blog.

I found a bug!
Please send us the details by e-mail: bugz «at» a-sharp.com. If you’re using Mac OS X, synchronize, then attach any crash logs from ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice.

If you’re having trouble running the program, it’s helpful to include as much information as possible about your system configuration (device, OS, iTunes version if applicable).

I have more questions...
Please see our Contact page for the e-mail address. (Send any suggestions for improvements to this address as well.)

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