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Download Acta from our server. Remember, this classic software is provided as-is, with no support.

Acta is distributed as a compressed archive; if your browser doesn’t decompress it automatically, use Stuffit Expander or MindExpander.

Trouble downloading? You can try an alternate server. One person reported trouble with Communicator and Explorer, but was able to download the file with iCab.

Please note that Acta requires a Macintosh computer. This version was not sold in Japan, and due to the legal contract in force when it was released, it will not run on kanji systems. (However, Hideaki Iimori has created a patch that allows it to run with kanji.)

Acta is available on a CD included with several Japanese magazines, such as the Jan 2002 MacLife.

The Acta Importer for Spotlight lets you search Acta outlines under Mac OS X 10.4 (“Tiger”).

What is Acta?

How to Outline

Frequently Asked Questions




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