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For immediate release:

Seattle, WA -- 25 August 1999

A Sharp, LLC will be releasing King of Dragon Pass in October 1999. King of Dragon Pass is the first computer game set in Glorantha, the world of the award-winning roleplaying game RuneQuest and the forthcoming Hero Wars game.

"I've been lucky to work with Greg Stafford, creator of Glorantha, and Robin Laws, who wrote the new Gloranthan roleplaying game Hero Wars," said David Dunham, the game's Producer and Designer. "Licensing Glorantha gave us a rich background so we could focus our creativity on game play."

King of Dragon Pass breaks new ground in computer games. Hundreds of interactive short stories combine with the resource management of a turn-based strategy game to create an epic saga: the unification of Dragon Pass under its first king. Characters age and mature as the multi-generational story line develops.

Dragon Pass is at the center of Glorantha, a world where magic pervades everyday life, and great powers reward those who emulate the myths of the gods. Dozens of books and game supplements on Glorantha have entertained 200,000 fans since 1975. In King of Dragon Pass, the player's success is assured by thinking in terms of Glorantha's cultures, myths and magic.

The game is being developed on Macs. It runs on both Windows and Macintosh, and has modest hardware requirements.

More information about King of Dragon Pass, including screen shots, is at the company's web site, <http://a-sharp.com>.


Contact: David Dunham <david@a-sharp.com>

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