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King of Dragon Pass

Version 1.7

Since the original 1.0 release, we found a few small bugs and typos. Version 1.7 fixes these. We also improved some of the advice, and adjusted the difficulty of the Average and Hard games. We recommend updating to 1.7 for a more enjoyable game.

Do I Need the Update?

v1.0 If you're running an older version of King of Dragon Pass, you should install the 1.7 update. You can tell which version you're running by running the game and checking the version number in the Game Controls dialog. If it says "v1.6" or less, then you should install the update.

You can also tell by the color of the printing on the CD. If it's all black, or black and blue, it's version 1.0. If it's black and orange, it's version 1.1. If it's black and purple, it's version 1.3. (Other versions were net-distributed updates only.)

If you don't have the disk space to install, you can continue to run from the CD, but you may experience small glitches in a few circumstances.


There is a separate update for both Macintosh and Windows.

What's Fixed?

What's Fixed in 1.7?

  • Fixed problem where no children were born [3138]
  • Fixed possible crash sacrificing to Vinga in a scene [3136]
  • Fixed sacrifice results after learning of Orlkensor's fate [3139]
  • Losing wildlands because you split the clan won't annoy the fox [3140]
  • Fixed rare bug if cursed skirt appears early [3088]

What's Fixed in 1.6?

  • Don't give Sacred Time advice to allocate 0 magic to children [3114]
  • Prevent a negative number of horses [3116]
  • Re-exploring Dwarf Valley won't always give the same results [3117]
  • Fixed an inconsistency involving the Sacred Clod treasure [3118]
  • Prevent integer overflow for food, pigs [3119, 3125]
  • Fixed exploration of Dragonewt Wildlands [3122]
  • Fixed problem when Ernalda priestess demand the return of their treasure [3124]
  • Trolls won't ransom trollkin [3126]
  • Fixed possible crash involving the Black Spear [3129]
  • The Making of the Storm Tribe heroquest, used to improve the mood of the tribe, now adjusts some of the political relationships between clan [3130]
  • Fixed crash when a defeated clan moved away onto its own land [3131]
  • Jealous king scene won't show up when there's not yet a tribe [3132]

What's Fixed in 1.5?

  • Fixed problems relating to defeated clans offering tribute [3080, 3101]
  • Added explanatory text if we can't seize land [3085]
  • Fixed bug in one branch of seducing poet sequence [3098]
  • Orlanth worshippers don't lose abilities after sacrificing to wind spirits [3099]
  • High population no longer shows "ghost temples" on Tula Screen [3100]
  • Joining Colymar tribe no longer prevents victory [3105]
  • Kallyr won't have a daughter [3107]
  • Heroquesters who return from being lost won't be considered dead [3108]

Fixed in 1.4 update

  • Orlanth and Aroka heroquest doesn't eliminate Combat ability
  • Fixed bug when clan comes offering tribute
  • Determination of seven deities works even when a ring member is absent during Reorganization
  • Fixed problem sacrificing after Kallyr's heroic expedition
  • Fixed Kallyr's face when she gets old (as a hero, she doesn't age like normal people)
  • Fixed bug where the game can go on forever after failure to reconcile two kings
  • Mention the manual in a Tutorial game
  • Fixed carl morale loss when you pay tribute to Cragspider
  • Shamans don't ask for negative payment when undead aren't threatening
  • Increased rate of sheep growth
  • Handle symptoms of an unidentified bug that could cause a crash

Fixed in 1.3 update

  • Handle no tribes having kings/queens in endgame
  • Text changes, check for Thadart's family in final scene of sequence
  • Tweaked conditions for gift-giving feedback
  • Prevent huge magic when sacrificing for town
  • Don't crash if every clan likes you
  • Changed conditions for news about victory
  • Added saga to final victory scenes
  • Fixed logic so Horse-Spawn News doesn't happen after FHQ
  • No Telmori raid after R390

Fixed in 1.2 update

  • Shortened description of Great Temples in Tula screen
  • Fixed repeat text in tribute scene, and fixed typo
  • Fixed recommendation in R116
  • Fixed grammar when clan stops tribute
  • Fixed grammar in "Ditch War"
  • Issaries quest can prevent Humakti ambush
  • Improved handling of running out of treasures to trade for
  • Fixed dwarf trader feedback if you don't have Trickster on ring
  • Fixed formula in Humakti ambush

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