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King of Dragon Pass

Coming To The Small Screen

KoDP iconWe are pleased to announce that A Sharp has created King of Dragon Pass, the storytelling strategy game, as an app for iPhone and iPod touch!

We will release the game on 8 September 2011.

Our goal is to keep King of Dragon Pass’s unique stories and basic game play, but simplify things where possible.

Follow us on Twitter (@KingDragonPass) for updates. Or read the development blog.

Why are you doing this?

We’re proud of the game, and would like to bring it to a new audience. And we’ve learned a little more about games in the intervening ten years, and hope to make a few improvements.

What’s new?

We’ve added over two dozen new scenes, new treasures, Game Center achievements, and streamlined game play.

What about iPad?

We came up with a layout that works nicely despite the lack of full-screen art (the original artwork was scanned at 640 × 480 pixels, which is smaller than the 768 × 1024 pixel iPad screen). Look for it soon.

What about Android or Windows Phone 8?

One project at a time!

I am a fan of the game. How can I help?

We will need your help publicizing the game. Spread the word online, write an App Store review or give a star rating, and tell your friends. Thanks!
KoDP screen shot (intro)

KoDP screen shot (management screen)

KoDP screen shot (interactive scene)

KoDP screen shot (interactive scene)

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