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King of Dragon Pass
Comments from our iOS players and beta testers:
“What an addicting game!”

“The game is completely brilliant, by the way - it fits the iOS superbly, and the changes are all very nicely done. I always felt like there was plenty of relevant information at my fingertips, and it's quite a bit deeper (in a good way) then the bulk of the Appstore games out there, while still fitting the 'bite size' play session that you need.”

“A fantastic game, and so far it feels like it is darn near perfectly designed for the platform. I'm not sure what if anything is missing from this Alpha release but it already beats the pants off of the other turn based strategy games I've played on the iPad. The story and characters are so expertly written that I am actually sad that the content is finite and that at some point, no matter how long I stall, I'll begin retreading ground.”

“Damn, that's a lot of (very nice) art at the end.”

“It is surprisingly easy to read, even on my tiny iPod screen!”

“Must sleep. Must play one more season....”

“It's absolutely fantastic. Although I've only played for a short time this reeks of pure unadulterated quality. I have a feeling I'm falling in love again.”

“One of my favorite games on any platform. It's smart, engrossing, and outclasses any other game on the iPhone.”

“This is my favorite iOS game so far! Great strategy, story and control. This game has tons of content nearly flawlessly delivered. I was hesitant to drop $10 but I have spent hours playing and still haven't seen all there is to offer. The reading is heavy...at first...but then you realize how well incorporated into the gameplay it is. This is RP strat at its best. Oh, and all this with no hint of ads.”

“Not only is there nothing else like it on iOS, there is nothing else like it, at all!”

Comments from our desktop players and beta testers:
"This game is worth skipping both sleep and work for. I have played the whole weekend and skipped work for two days now."

"This game is so good that I can't even put it into words. I can't stop playing it."

"I can't remember a game since Civ 2 which had me on the edge of my chair, taking 'just one more turn' -- only to see the night slipping away ..."

"This is probably the best computer game I have seen in past 5 years or more for engaging your imagination, because that is where the story-telling format comes alive (as encouraged by some great artwork and text resulting from your choices)."

"About the marvelous game you have created, it is the best game ever. For a long time I had been wondering, if anyone could create a better computer game than Civilization I. At last, King of Dragon Pass showed me that it can be done."

"Half of the fun of this game is having decisions come back to bite us in the rear end."

"This is my favorite computer game!"

"This is one fine game!"

"It is one of the most original games, and there are few of them these days, that I have ever played. Every part is well integrated and the artwork is stunning. This game is destined to become a classic like Myst, perhaps a start of a new genre..."

"...a damn fine game. I just wasted an entire Sunday afternoon on it and hardly noticed the passing of time. It really is a wonderful window into Glorantha."

"I congratulate you on your design. I really like the way you succeeded. You achieved the design goals with detail, but not requiring lots of micromanagement. I especially like the way quests are handled."

"Damn, that's a GOOD ending."

"I love the cloud of uncertainty, the confidence that a marvelous clockwork of information beyond my grasp is moving events."

"Excellent game. Best CRPG I've played!"

"I haven't been able to play the game yet, because [my wife] won't give me a turn at the computer. She plays the game in every spare moment."

"It's a great game ... haven't played any other games like it ... you have a top of the line product here."

"It is such a simple and yet clever game that captivates me magnificently. The only game with such profound ingenuity that I've encountered was Conflict."

"I thoroughly enjoyed playing King of Dragon Pass, despite my history with these kinds of games - usually I hate them. The game is fun, challenging, interesting, and has legs - I'm still playing it a couple of months later, much longer than usual for me with anything."

"You have made a fascinating game and created a whole new gamestyle."

"You should put a warning label for students on the box, this game is _really_ addictive."

"Really excellent game, great atmosphere and truly addictive."

"Execellent, exceleent. I enjoyed it very much. I have to say I really enjoyed your game. It's sort of the "Blair Witch Trial" of computer games, all story and a minimum of flash and glitz. Most games require glitz to make up for the lack of story that you see with most computer games."

"I'm pretty addicted to this wonderful game. I think the designers did a great job and no other game I've played this year has had me up til 2a in the morning. Keep up the good work! This game really reminds me of those great Koei games especially Romance of the 3 Kingdoms."

"KoDP is a pure gem."

"This game of yours is the best roleplaying game I have played for a long time."

"Great game! ... Art and music were fantastic! ... All in all A grade. Happy to spend money on it!"


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