This version of Opal requires Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard.”


  • Detect Links Automatically is now in the Preferences dialog.
  • Renamed the “Spelling” menu to “Spelling and Grammar,” and added “Check Grammar With Spelling.” This is also now in the “New Outlines” tab of the Preferences dialog.
  • Import RTF. [2908]
  • Support “magnify” trackpad gesture on MacBook Air or recent MacBook Pro (cycling through the Zoom menu).
  • More tooltips in Find & Replace dialog [2832]


  • Changed Copy Topic Without Family to Copy Special. This now asks how many levels to copy (1 is the old behavior). You can also control whether labels and tabs are put in the clipboard without having to change Preferences. [2828]


  • Fixed problem deleting blank lines. [3226]
  • Bookmark menu works when focus is in toolbar search field. [3126]
  • Fixed Alignment > Justify for multiple selection. [3109]
  • Applying a favorite or recent font from the Fonts dialog, or using the Paste Style command, no longer sets the alignment to left. [2804]
  • Fixed possible crash clicking below filtered topics. [3239]
  • Fixed problems with Move Left and Undo Move Left [3262]
  • Fixed bug where Print only visible topics didn’t work the first time [3314]