• Added Bookmark popup menu
  • Select Family, Generation, and Sisters from contextual menu [2377]
  • Added Ignore Diacriticals checkbox to Find dialog. Turn this off to distinguish between ‘é’ and ‘e’). This setting is persistent. [2559]
  • Added Whole Word checkbox to Find dialog. Turn this on so ‘one’ doesn’t match ‘lone.’ [403]


  • Changed how empty topics are measured, to deal with odd rulers [2287]
  • Changed the values in the zoom popup (and menu) to be more useful [2375]
  • Use latest version of eSellerate engine


  • Fixed measurement of shrunken topic which is being edited [2284]
  • Be sure Find shows text in very long topics [2300]
  • Improved printing a topic which is longer than a page [392, 2426]