• Added “Filter Checked Topics” and “Filter Unchecked Topics” choices to search field menu [1872]
  • Added word count, character count for current topic and selected topics [1981]


  • Don’t paste potentially confusing ruler info such as indentation [1111, 2100]
  • Better Leopard compatibility
  • Split Aunt/Sister/Daughter doesn’t leave an empty line when splitting next to a paragraph break [2076]


  • Be sure text is redrawn for Undo Typing in a previous topic [1918]
  • Fixed tooltip of “Change…” button in General tab of Preferences [1925]
  • Fixed redraw after deleting all topics (PowerPC-only) [1962]
  • Possible fix for a crash
  • Fixed problem with splitting multi-paragraph topic [2076, 2079]
  • Font or color change of multiple topics correctly handles empty topics [2134]