• Reopen previously open outlines preference [1589, 1077]
  • Tabs in Clipboard preference [724]
  • Animate triangle in Expand/Collapse (like Acta)


  • Bullets in Clipboard now applies to text exporting too
  • Minor optimizations to window drawing
  • Minor optimizations to Spotlight importer speed and size
  • Contextual menu for text includes topic commands (notably Shrink)
  • Put rich text on the clipboard; this should make it easier to export Japanese text to Classic applications [1795]


  • Be sure option+enter acts as Split Sister when preference is set to “Return key starts new paragraph.” [1610]
  • Exporting with styles (Rich Text, Word, HTML) handles indenting properly, and Word doesn’t insert random page breaks [1711]
  • More lenient about entering serial number
  • Using keyboard to Redo Expand/Collapse doesn’t animate in slow motion