• Added preference to combine Expand/Collapse and Grow/Shrink menu items. (If there are multiply selected topics, Expand and Grow take precedence.) [829]
  • Added character count to Outline Info [736]
  • Added preference to turn off new untitled documents [629]


  • Eliminated need for separate build for Japan [1466]
  • Optimized speed and memory usage of Topic > Move Right [956]
  • Improved export of topics with multiple paragraphs [458]
  • Option+tab inserts a tab character [1497]
  • Reduced file size of saved outlines 5-6% [1534]
  • Strip tables out of pasted text [1123]
  • Reorganized Preferences dialog into tabs
  • Opening and exporting OPML observes expansionState [54]


  • Fixed bug redrawing current topic indicator with zoom of less than 100% [1130]
  • Be sure page header and file date don’t overlap on printed page [911]
  • Don’t show daily reminder if application has become registered [1558]
  • Fixed memory leak that affected Copy Topics and Export
  • Be sure Paste menu item is consistent [524]