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Acta and Opal

Designer David Dunham says, “Back in 1986, I released an outliner called Acta. It ran on some of the earliest Macintoshes, and gained an avid following. It continues to run fine in the Classic layer. But Intel-based Macintoshes have no Classic, and many Acta fans were worried that they would be forced to stop using it. So I’ve created a modern successor to Acta.

“Opal retains Acta’s fluid ease of use, but is up to date with Mac OS X standards.”

Opal will be familiar to anyone who ever used Acta (or Dyno Notepad). However, it’s been completely rewritten for Mac OS X.

Some of the improvements over Acta include:

  • Multiple selection
  • Topic filtering via toolbar Search field
  • Multiple Undo
  • Auto-save
  • Focus on a subset of the outline
  • More keyboard control
  • On-screen magnification
  • Background colors
  • Improved checkboxes
  • Spell checking
  • Mix Unicode text and graphics in a topic
  • Auto-grow shrunken topics
  • Read/write OPML outlines
  • HTML output
  • Extensive online help
But Opal still reads Acta outlines created over 20 years ago.

Try the demo now!

What is Opal?

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