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For Immediate Release
Seattle, 18 October 2006

A Sharp is pleased to announce that Opal, the successor to the popular Acta outliner, is now available!

“Opal brings Acta’s fluid, responsive outlining into the Mac OS X world,” said David Dunham, designer of both outliners. “New features like multiple selection and filtering actually make Opal easier to use without being more complex.”

Opal lets you organize lists, track projects, take notes, and store information in an outline. It’s easy to reorganize, and also easy to hide information that’s not currently of interst. Writers will appreciate its word count, and the ability to export to Microsoft Word. Planners can make use of numeric sorting and smart checkboxes that track task completion automatically. And Opal comes with complete documentation so you can look something up when you’re not online.

A great bonus if you’re an Acta user: Opal can open 20 year old Acta outlines!

As a Universal application, Opal runs on any Macintosh with Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

Users can download a trial version from A Sharp’s web site, and purchase using a built-in secure web store. Opal sells for $32. See http://a-sharp.com/opal/ for more information.

A Japanese version will be coming soon. Press contact: Mr. Kosuke Ito at ito AT stands.co.jp, general inquiry: info AT stands.co.jp.


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