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King of Dragon Pass

Version 1.6 beta

Thanks to feedback from our players, we've identified and fixed several more bugs. We're still in the process of quality assurance on an update, but it's passed all our preliminary tests, and we encourage players to use it.

If you experience any problems with the update, please contact us at bugs@a-sharp.com. If possible, save your game right after you experience problems; we may want to look at it. (A saved game from right before can also be useful.) Screen shots can also help track down bugs.


There is a separate update for both Macintosh and Windows.

What's Fixed in 1.6 beta?

  • Don't give Sacred Time advice to allocate 0 magic to children [3114]
  • Prevent a negative number of horses [3116]
  • Re-exploring Dwarf Valley won't always give the same results [3117]
  • Fixed an inconsistency involving the Sacred Clod treasure [3118]
  • Prevent integer overflow for food, pigs [3119, 3125]
  • Fixed exploration of Dragonewt Wildlands [3122]
  • Fixed problem when Ernalda priestess demand the return of their treasure [3124]
  • Trolls won't ransom trollkin [3126]
  • Fixed possible crash involving the Black Spear [3129]
  • The Making of the Storm Tribe heroquest, used to improve the mood of the tribe, now adjusts some of the political relationships between clan [3130]
  • An earlier version of this update was inadvertently labelled 1.5

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